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Infection with parasites leads to neurosis, fatigue, sudden mood swings, and more serious diseases begin in the future. In men, parasites cause: prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, cystitis, sand, kidney and bladder stones.

In women: pain and inflammation of the ovaries. Fibroma, myoma, fibrocystic mastopathy, inflammation of Azithromycin glands, bladder and kidneys develop. As well as heart disease and cancer. We want to warn you right away that you don’t need to run to the pharmacy and buy expensive medicines, which, according to pharmacists, will eradicate all parasites. Most drugs are extremely ineffective, in addition, they cause great harm to the body.

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What to do? To begin with, we advise you to read an article from the main institute of parasitology of the US Federation.
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This article reveals a method by which you can clean your body of parasites without harm to the body.
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Anisakidosis of fish is a very serious problem, because the infection rates of industrial species are very high. Invasive fish must be culled, which is not done due to the high level of economic loss.

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The final hosts of helminths are large marine animals, that is: whales, dolphins, walruses, seals. Also at risk are cartilaginous fish: rays, sharks.

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Fish-eating birds, namely: gulls, herons, penguins, are carriers. The place of Zithromax of parasites is the gastrointestinal tract. With faeces, fertilized eggs of nematodes get into the water, where larvae appear from them.

Free-swimming larvae are swallowed by planktonic crustaceans, which become the first intermediate host. Further, invasive crustaceans are eaten by fish and squid. In their body, helminths migrate from the intestines to the abdominal cavity, liver and gallbladder. Parasites deplete their host, and over time, the depletion of Azithromycin organism leads to its death. Due to their resistance to external factors, the larvae remain viable for a long time even in dead fish.

Man is a random host. Predatory land mammals that eat raw fish are also susceptible to the disease.

Human infection occurs through the use of invasive fish, squid, shellfish that have not undergone sufficient heat treatment. Removing helminths from fish does not guarantee its safety, because sometimes the larvae penetrate deep into the muscles. Pre-freezing for 10-14 days makes the fish suitable for eating it in salted or dried form. From the moment of ingestion of helminth larvae, it can take from several hours to 2 weeks.

The patient may not even be aware of the invasion. Helminths penetrate into the gastric mucosa, and then into the small and large intestines. The disease can occur in acute and chronic form.

Parasites can be localized in the stomach or intestines. Depending on the place of their accumulation, two forms of invasion are distinguished - gastric and intestinal. Their symptoms vary.

Sometimes helminths settle in the mucosa of the esophagus, provoking a strong cough due to constant irritation. Also, parasites can penetrate into the abdominal cavity, liver, bile ducts and lungs. In this case, bronchial obstruction, biliary and hepatic colic are manifested.

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For the last few years I have felt very bad. Zithromax pills fatigue, insomnia, some kind of apathy, laziness, frequent headaches. I also had problems with digestion, bad breath in the morning.

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